Plenty of exercises are known to keep you fit but walking is still the best among them. Walking daily is the best you can do with your body and soul. However, there is a huge difference between walking fast and just strolling. If you are walking with a motive to stay fit then walking slow would never be enough for you. Walking at a normal pace could make you feel good but you cannot lose weight like this. Therefore if you are looking forward to make your body and soul fit then you must practice fast walking and involve it in your daily life. If you are wondering how fast walking can help you then here are 5 health benefits of fast walking that you must be aware of.

• Improves heart health- fast walking is the best exercise for people of all age groups especially adults. it is known to reduce the risk of heart problems and other cardiovascular diseases. Men and women who have the habit of walking in speed for at least four hours a day are said to have healthier heart and very less heart issues.

• Reduces weight- for people who are not comfortable with running to reduce their weight can adopt fast walking. It is a moiré effective weight loss exercise as compared to all the other gym work outs. Walking daily for at least 5 to 6 hours can reduce your weigh at a fast pace and you will see the difference e in a week. Therefore try to take a walk to nearby places instead of taking a vehicle.

• Regulates the blood pressure- as walking fast can increase the health of your heart, it can also regulate blood pressure problems in your body. The patients of increased blood pressure levels who walk daily with a good speed are seen a drastic drop in their blood pressure. Fast walking also increases the stamina of your body making you energetic for the whole day.

• Strengthen bone health- it is important for your bones to be in motion continuously so that they do not get jammed or damaged with time. Walking in a fast pace can help increasing your bone health as almost all the bones of the body are in motion while walking fast. Regular practice of fast walk can improve your posture of the body and increase balancing power. it can also prevent the problems like arthritis and pain in the joints.

• Improves digestion- in the world where food items are not pure and healthy, bad stomach and digestion problems are very common. Walking fast regularly can help your body to improve the digestion and solve all the problems like constipation, bloating, diarrhea and problems like colon cancer. Besides having healthy diet, walking regularly can improve it. Post dinner walking is also quite effective however; you must not walk fast after that.
There are hundreds of more benefits of walking fast like improved strength of muscles, boost immune system, increased lung capacity and so on. Therefore walk daily as it can do a lot of good to you.

6 best places to walk around London

Having already established that walking should be factored in to your health and fitness routine as it has so many amazing health and fitness benefits, the next obvious question is where you can and should walk if you are based around the London area?

Part of the enjoyability and benefits of walking, particularly the mental benefits, come from choosing the right settings and scenery to experience during the walk – which means that choosing the right locations for your walks is critical if you are to get the very most from it.

With this in mind, here’s our pick of the best places to walk in London so you can get fitter and healthier in style and in the most enjoyable way possible…..

(These walks have been shortlisted as they all take in rich scenery and nature so are based around walking through woodland and similar terrain, so as to optimize the health and fitness benefits)
1 The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk
This is a seven-mile walk through four royal parks and was set up in Princess Diana’s memory back in 2000 (

2 Green Chain Walk

This is a network of straight and circular walks across South East London, with the route taking in dozens of woods and parks, as well as the Thames Barrier and Crystal Palace.
3 Jubilee Greenway Walk

Celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, this path for walkers and cyclists links the Olympic and Paralympic Games venues, including the O2 Arena, Greenwich Park and the Serpentine – and has been included as it has a strong natural focus towards health and fitness due to it’s inclusion of multiple Olympic Games sites! Perfect for the walker who is interested in using walking to improve their personal fitness and wellbeing!
4 Lee Valley Walk
The Lee Valley area got a massive facelift just prior to the London 2012 Olympics, and this walk taps directly right into this inspiring makeover.
The walk starts at Waltham Abbey Gardens (don’t miss the abbey, which is Saxon and Norman with a stunning nave and Lady Chapel and the grave of King Harold (of arrow fame) in the grounds) – and Cornmill Meadows, a great favourite with birders.
The walk incorporates a number of mills, meadows and marshes and if you walk in the early morning or late evening, the wildlife spotting is excellent. The route loops back to Waltham Abbey via the Royal Gunpowder Mills – the Lee was used for ammunition manufacture for centuries – which operated in the 18th and 19th centuries, and had their own canal system and can be visited at it’s best between March – September.

5 Capital Ring Walk

This walk enables you to embrace the diverse landscape surrounding London by following the Capital Ring – the path is 78 miles long in total, and Transport for London has divided it into 15 easy-to-walk sections. Circle around the city, starting and finishing at Woolwich, and enjoy gorgeous canals, parks, and woods along the way.

6 City Tree Walk

Wander through the greenest parts of central London with the fascinating City Tree Trail. The City of London’s handy guide to tracking the various tree species throughout the city will land you in beautiful hidden parks and squares – perfect for the kind of relaxation and wellbeing that we are seeking with these walks.

So there you have it – the 6 best places to walk around London when you are seeking to use walking as a valuable tool for improving your health, fitness and overall wellbeing. Be sure to try them all in order to experience for yourself just how beneficial walking can be for improving your health and fitness.

Best Walking Vacation Destinations

You can adopt different styles for your vacation. Instead of going on a safari or cooling off at the beach or waterfalls, you can decide to go for a walking vacation. It will prove to be one of the best decisions for your vacation. In this write-up, you will get to learn about some of the best walking vacation destinations across the globe.

Spring in the Alpujarras, Spain
This is one of the best places to do away with the clogs of the winter. The white villages of Moorish Spain and the bright blue skies set this location apart from every other. You can decide to take a walk in the wildflower-rich lowers slopes in the snow-topped Sierra Nevada if you so desire. The region is very peaceful and helps you to connect with nature uniquely.

Walking in Jersey
You can start off your season of the UK walking in the scenery and Anglo-French cuisine of the Channel Island’s temperate climate. This place is just some 19 miles away from Normandy coast. This location has more than 18 walking programs, and new programs are being added periodically. The walk is a companionable leg stretcher. It gives a full view of the coast during a full day walk with the fishing village of St. Aubin just close by.

Several walking tours are being organized here; principal among them is the Hungry Birds Food Tour and the Amsterdam Photo Safari. The walking tours enable you to see the full view of Amsterdam at the height of the afternoon. You can also sample some street foods while at it. Some of the best Belgian fries are available here. Other available items for your taste buds are local beers, home-baked cakes, raw herrings, Dutch cheese and spicy spring rolls.

WWII an the holocaust in Amsterdam
This walk will tell a story of the World War II in its own little way. During the walk, you will get to learn about the traumatic period faced by this city during the war. You will have expert historians to guide you and take you down memory lane.

Cape Town, South Africa
The Bo-Kapp Cooking Tour is yet another walking vacation destination that you should consider. You will come by series of a brightly painted home located at the foot of Signal Hill, which marks the starting point for Bo-Kaap neighborhood. A distinctive culinary tradition exists here. One of such is Cape Malay cuisine, which is a hybrid of African, Indian, Asian and Dutch flavor.
Other South African walking vacation tours are the City Walk, Culture Connect, Bites and Sites and VoiceMap.

Many discoveries await you here in Maui. Many of these discoveries are not known to many people across the globe. A walking tour on this globe will prove to be a time well spent. You can trail through the bushes here en-route to hidden waterfalls. You can equally visit top culinary sports while at it. The Front Street in Lahaina is equally a wonderful spot to visit during the walk. The Maui Nei Native Expedition, Hike Maui, local tastes of Maui, Hawaii tasting tours, and so on, are other walking vacation tours here.

Hope you found the perfect location for your health and fitness walking vacation.

Walking is a great way to exercise the body. It is also a less expensive and more natural way of keeping fit. Walking as a form of exercise also comes with some versatility; it can be done both indoors and outdoors, morning or evening, and is suitable for all the age groups. This ancient form of exercise is a sure way to burn some calories and also keep the brain working at optimal level. So whether you’d like to start a walking program to shed some weight, or have already cultivated a habit of the exercise, here are 5 surefire tips from Personal Training Shoreditch London to help you extract the most significant benefits of walking.

Gear Up
Walking as a form of exercise is in many ways different from the walks you make from your car to the mall, or the steps you take from your office to the next floor. It is a distinct activity that has its guides, and gearing up correctly is an essential one. Put on a fitting and light cloth, a thick but comfortable pair of sock, a lightweight pair of fitness shoes and your water. If you like walking around sunrise, you may also wear your sunglasses. But remember this; don’t take a heavy meal while prepping to take a walk.

Walk for a Goal
Are you still feeling hesitant to strap up and get on the highway? Well, I know why. It is because you haven’t really set your goals. Make a feasible walking plan today and set yourself up for a challenge. However, be certain that the idea is SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. For instance, if you’d like to cover about 10 miles in a month, you may begin with 2 miles per week and begin to evaluate your progress from there.

Put a Timer on It.
Putting on a pedometer is a great way of keeping tabs on your walk performance. When you are conscious of the distance you cover, it pushes you to a higher level. According to Dr. Stacy Clemes – a human biologist, “Wearing a pedometer and recording your step counts gives you feedback on your activity levels, which may lead to personal goal setting and greater confidence in walking.” If you really want to boost your walk counts, buy a pedometer to keep tabs on your effort.

Walk by a Rhythm
Beats – or say music generally, is a performance enhancer, according to Psychologists. Music helps people to remain focused, cheers and elevates my mood when we are down. Listening to a fast-speed beat like the techno will help you get distracted when you seem to begin to feel tired from long walks. Before your next walking session, download fast pace pop songs and make a walking playlist out of them. Play the songs via your earplugs and watch the result for yourself.

Make Fun Out of your Walks
Sometimes, walking may be an uphill task. I agree. But you shouldn’t make it tough for yourself. Whenever you aren’t motivated to take that walk, remember the benefits you stand to gain. Find a way to make it fun so that you’d always look forward to the next session. You may come up with a reward mechanism or anything at all.


Walking provides an excellent workout that carries plenty of other health benefits that you take simply and easily take advantage of.


Here we roundup the top 5 ways in which walking can improve your overall health and fitness so you can get started implementing these tips and advice right now in order to tap into the health and fitness benefits of walking yourself…..



1          It’s low impact


Unlike running and other high impact movements, walking doesn’t create a lot of stress on the hip joints and knees, as it’s very low impact. Additionally, this type of simple movement can develop your cardiovascular fitness that will last for years if you continue to walk.



2          It tones your lower body


Walking can also tone your lower body, particularly the leg muscles, as typically during a well planned walk you will be dealing with a wide range of varying terrains and surfaces that will give your legs and lower body a great workout.



3          Burning of fat and calories


Another great benefit of walking is the burning of fat. Regular walking can help burn off more calories which will be an important contribution to you leading a fitter and healthier lifestyle.



4          Walking helps to keep the heart strong


A brisk and challenging walk will significantly increase your heart rate, which is great for health and fitness.



5          It reduces your risk of developing diseases


Walking has been shown to help to combat the development of diseases such as strokes, cancer and diabetes, by helping to ensure that you keep your weight down and don’t become overweight or obese.