Walking is a healthy activity and is good for us especially for the elderly who cannot perform complex exercises and cannot take part in resistance training, it is important for them to walk regularly so that they can keep themselves well and good. The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) published a report stating that in 2018 itself the number of pedestrian deaths amounted to more than 7600.   The world population is booming each day and there is a massive rise in the number of motor vehicles on the road. There is a huge risk to pedestrians as the space for walking is being consumed by motor vehicles and moreover for senior citizens who are at risk by the vehicles and the ever-increasing pollution, the whole idea of taking a healthy walk is proving to be contradictory. A large number of senior citizens commute by walking as it is a healthy form of transportation, puts less stress on eyesight as compared to driving while other forms of public transport are noting but disturbing and redundant for them, the traffic issues and unsafe conditions are no help to them so walking seems to be the best option. Since their vision weakens more by each day and reflexes get slowed, the elderly become more prone to being a victim of a pedestrian accident. The Loyola University Health System conducted a survey which stated that senior citizens amount to less than 15 per cent of the American population but end up being the victims of pedestrian accidents for up to 25 per cent of the total accidents.


The government and the civil society should work hand in hand to solve this issue and raise awareness on this matter. To being with, the elderly should be encouraged to engage in physical activities so that they could enhance their motor skills and improve reflexes. They should also undertake regular meditation sessions which will help them attain a better presence of mind and work on the senses. Elders should not cross the road in a hurry and must look at both sides of the road to ensure a safe crossing, they should cross the road with other pedestrians, a group of people crossing the road is easily visible as compared to being individual. If needed they should ask for help and not be shy, help might save them from a potential accident and we must encourage the young to be considerate and be eager to help. There should be signs for drives to slow down at crossings and the authorities must make sure that these rules are followed.


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