Top 5 Ways Walking Can Improve Your Overall Health and Fitness


Walking provides an excellent workout that carries plenty of other health benefits that you take simply and easily take advantage of.


Here we roundup the top 5 ways in which walking can improve your overall health and fitness so you can get started implementing these tips and advice right now in order to tap into the health and fitness benefits of walking yourself…..



1          It’s low impact


Unlike running and other high impact movements, walking doesn’t create a lot of stress on the hip joints and knees, as it’s very low impact. Additionally, this type of simple movement can develop your cardiovascular fitness that will last for years if you continue to walk.



2          It tones your lower body


Walking can also tone your lower body, particularly the leg muscles, as typically during a well planned walk you will be dealing with a wide range of varying terrains and surfaces that will give your legs and lower body a great workout.



3          Burning of fat and calories


Another great benefit of walking is the burning of fat. Regular walking can help burn off more calories which will be an important contribution to you leading a fitter and healthier lifestyle.



4          Walking helps to keep the heart strong


A brisk and challenging walk will significantly increase your heart rate, which is great for health and fitness.



5          It reduces your risk of developing diseases


Walking has been shown to help to combat the development of diseases such as strokes, cancer and diabetes, by helping to ensure that you keep your weight down and don’t become overweight or obese.


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