5 Ultimate Walking Tips to Keep You Fit

Walking is a great way to exercise the body. It is also a less expensive and more natural way of keeping fit. Walking as a form of exercise also comes with some versatility; it can be done both indoors and outdoors, morning or evening, and is suitable for all the age groups. This ancient form of exercise is a sure way to burn some calories and also keep the brain working at optimal level. So whether you’d like to start a walking program to shed some weight, or have already cultivated a habit of the exercise, here are 5 surefire tips from Personal Training Shoreditch London to help you extract the most significant benefits of walking.

Gear Up
Walking as a form of exercise is in many ways different from the walks you make from your car to the mall, or the steps you take from your office to the next floor. It is a distinct activity that has its guides, and gearing up correctly is an essential one. Put on a fitting and light cloth, a thick but comfortable pair of sock, a lightweight pair of fitness shoes and your water. If you like walking around sunrise, you may also wear your sunglasses. But remember this; don’t take a heavy meal while prepping to take a walk.

Walk for a Goal
Are you still feeling hesitant to strap up and get on the highway? Well, I know why. It is because you haven’t really set your goals. Make a feasible walking plan today and set yourself up for a challenge. However, be certain that the idea is SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. For instance, if you’d like to cover about 10 miles in a month, you may begin with 2 miles per week and begin to evaluate your progress from there.

Put a Timer on It.
Putting on a pedometer is a great way of keeping tabs on your walk performance. When you are conscious of the distance you cover, it pushes you to a higher level. According to Dr. Stacy Clemes – a human biologist, “Wearing a pedometer and recording your step counts gives you feedback on your activity levels, which may lead to personal goal setting and greater confidence in walking.” If you really want to boost your walk counts, buy a pedometer to keep tabs on your effort.

Walk by a Rhythm
Beats – or say music generally, is a performance enhancer, according to Psychologists. Music helps people to remain focused, cheers and elevates my mood when we are down. Listening to a fast-speed beat like the techno will help you get distracted when you seem to begin to feel tired from long walks. Before your next walking session, download fast pace pop songs and make a walking playlist out of them. Play the songs via your earplugs and watch the result for yourself.

Make Fun Out of your Walks
Sometimes, walking may be an uphill task. I agree. But you shouldn’t make it tough for yourself. Whenever you aren’t motivated to take that walk, remember the benefits you stand to gain. Find a way to make it fun so that you’d always look forward to the next session. You may come up with a reward mechanism or anything at all.

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